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Pop-A-Lock Houston installs advanced security systems for businesses, such as master key systems, panic bars, and door closers. Some commercial locksmiths will try to up-sell you on the most expensive solution, but Pop-A-Lock is committed to providing security and value.  We've worked with many local Houston businesses like yours to come up with customized solutions that fit your needs and your budget. Call us at (713) 722-0060 today for a free estimate. In the meantime, learn more about our specialized business locksmith services.

Engineering the Right Master Key System
Master key locks are different from your average lock. Each lock in a master key system accepts two keys: a 'change key' that opens just one lock, and a 'master key' that opens several locks. In this way, you can give an employee a change key that will give him access to one particular filing cabinet, while an upper level manager has a master key that opens several or all of the filing cabinets. But there's a definite downside to this convenience: decreased overall security. Locks designed to be opened by more than one key will sometimes open for the wrong key altogether. However, careful engineering produces higher quality, lower risk master key systems. Call Pop-A-Lock today to set up a consultation to see if a master key system is a good idea for your situation.

Door Closer Installs: Mechanical, Fully Automatic & Everything In Between
At first glance, door closers may not seem to be an important component of your security. However, depending on your business, they can provide fire containment, air quality control, or wheelchair access. Door closers can be fairly straightforward hydraulic closers with basic latch and sweep speed control, or fully automated door operators that open as well as close doors.  Door closers vary so much in type, complexity, and installation that many manufacturers recommend that an experienced technician install them. Pop-A-Lock can help you decide on an appropriate door closer and install it for you quickly and professionally.

Panic Bar Installs: Security & Safety
A panic bar (or 'crash bar') is simply a bar that opens a door latch when pushed. Because they're easy and fast to open, panic bars are ideal for hasty exits; in fact, Houston fire codes require properly installed panic bars on fire and emergency exits. Fire codes also require them to be unlocked during operating hours, which poses some security challenges for businesses. For this reason, Pop-A-Lock offers alarmed and delayed exit panic bars. With this higher security option, the door sets off an alarm but does not unlock for the first 15 seconds, giving you time to respond if there is a security issue. Learn more about Pop-A-Lock's fire code compliant panic bar installs by calling us today.

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